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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 20:46

Rating images:

When you open a folder with images for the first time, the images are shown in the same order as shown in the folder itself. When you rate all the images in the folder, the order will change such that the highest rated images will be shown first and the lowest or unrated images will be shown last.

When an image is not yet rated, the rating panel will be shown. The rating panel looks like this:.


To rate an image click on the panel. If you click on the left side, the image will be rated low, if you click on the right side, the image will be rated high. The 'cross' will unrate the image again. The 'skull' will mark the image in order to delete it.  When Rotozoom is closed, the user will be asked whether the marked images need to be moved to the 'deleted_files' folder or not. When the user confirms, a folder is created with same name as the original folder and the marked images are moved inside.  

Although the above method works fine, it is highly recommended to use the keyboard to rate the images. The following keys are used:

keyboard: Touchscreen / Mouse:
.. or Rate your images from 10 - 100%.     .
Toggle the rating panel on and off.
Inside the star, the image score will be displayed. .
Unrate an image.
Delete or undelete an image.
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