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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 20:44

Fixed Rotation (90, 180, 270 degrees):

When an image is loaded it may appear on its side or even upsidedown. To view is correctly, the image can be rotated or turned +90 or -90 degrees.  When an image is being rotated 90 degrees it is also scaled to maximally fit the screen. Rotozoom allows real-time super smooth rotation and scaling with upto 100 frames a second. The result is a great looking and extremely fast transition.

When a user has rotated an image 90 degrees, the state of the image is stored to disk. The image itself will not be touched, and even the image folder will not need to be writable. 

The next time the image is loaded, the last state will be displayed again. This way all your images will look the right way. 

Fixed rotation is done by:

keyboard: Touchscreen / Mouse:
or Rotate +90 degrees The image will be rotated -90 degrees. It will automatically be scaled to maximally fit the screen.
or Rotate -90 degrees The image will be rotated +90 degrees. It will automatically be scaled to maximally fit the screen.

Free Rotation:

To give the user more freedom, Rotozoom allows the user to rotate any image in real-time to any desired angle. An image is rotated by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer or finger tip over the image. The image is rotated around the centre of the screen, so dragging clsoe to the centre results in very fast rotation and dragging away from the centre allows the user to rotate with high precision.

Not the free rotation angles are not stored to disk, only fixed angles are as described above.

 Free rotation is done by: 

keyboard: Touchscreen / Mouse:
Toggle 'Free Rotation Mode' on and off.
Free Rotation
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