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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 20:37

Fit Zoom:

 When an image is displayed with a height that is larger than its width (for example an image of a large tree), on both the left and the right side, black borders are shown. This happens when the image is scaled to fit the entire image on the screen. To get rid of the black border, we can zoom in until the left and right side of the image touch the sides om the screen. By default the centre of the image is shown in the centre of the screen, so we will seen the entire screen filled with the image but the top- and the bottom-part.

See 'panning' to pan up and down.

Free Zoom:

The give the user more freedom, the 'free zoom' mode allows to zoom in and out freely. Free zooming is done by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer from a starting point towards a destination point. The part of the image that was clicked as starting point will follow the mouse pointer towards the end position, while as the same time the centre of the image will remain at the centre, resulting in a zoom. 

When 'free zoomingmode' has been selected, the mouse can be clicked on any part of the image. When dragging the mouse pointer over the screen, the clicked image will zoom in when the pointer is move to the side of the screen and will zoom out when the pointer is move towards the centre of the screen.

To zoom fast click close to the centre and drag to the side of the screen. To zoom slow and accurately, click away from the centre and than towards the sides.

keyboard: Touchscreen / Mouse:
+ mouse dragging                     Toggle 'Free Zooming Mode' on and off. W  

Target Zoom:

Target zoom is a zooming mode where the clicked image part will zoom in and panned to the centre of the screen. This is a very handy feature to highlight nice parts of an image. Clicking again will restore the previous state. 

keyboard: Touchscreen / Mouse:
+ mouse dragging Free Zooming Toggle 'Target Zoom Mode' on and off. .  
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