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Friday, 18 June 2010 08:00

Welcome to 'Rotozoom' !

Rotozoom is a DirectX image viewer for the pc. It displays, rates and sorts your photos or images in any folder without changing the files itself. Once loaded you can smoothly rotate, zoom and pan any image around the screen with upto 100 frames a second.


< Click on image to see youtube demo >



When an image has been rated 'high', it will be shown first so that you and your friends will see the best images first and probably almost never see the ones rated 'low'. When your photo was taken upside down or on its side, it can be quickly rotated +/- 90 degrees in real time without any CPU processing delay. The original images will not be touched, instead a tag file is created with a link to the rotated image. Using this link rotozoom knows how you would like have your images rotated.

When you open an image folder with 30 images for the 1st time, it takes no more than 30 key pressed or mouse clicks to sort them once and for all. Images that are to be removed can be selected for 'deletion'. At the end of your session when you close rotozoom, the application will ask you to whether or not to move the selected images to the deletion folder. This way deleted images will never be deleted by accident.

Rotozoom is an image viewer like you have never seen before. It can be controlled by the mouse, by a keyboard or by a touchscreen. Most users will use a combination though.

Please have a look at our download section and have a look at this great application.


We wish you lots of fun,


The future-eggs team.






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