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Scorpion Jukebox DirectX9 v5.40 for windows
Remote control for android mobile phones (tested on Samsung Galaxy S, S+)

Known Bugs v5.41:
  1. None

Todo list: (29-10-2012)

  1. Fix: Update covers when database is modified.(now manually under Options).
  2. Add: Bluetooth support for android remote.
  3. Add: much more ...

Version history:

v5.41 (01-01-2013):
  • Redesign: Easy/fast database management.
  • Added: Background updating database and covers
  • Added: Reading music info using TAGS and folders

v5.0 (01-01-2011):

v5.40 (29-10-2012):
  • Added: Remote commands like rating info for playlist/songsearch.
  • Added: DirectX check and install help Popup.

v5.0 (01-01-2011):
  • Added: Remote control support for android devices
  • Added: DirectX9 (DX9) support
  • Added: Shadow effects on covers (DX9)
  • Added: Toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode (DX9)

v4.3 (25-07-2010)
  • fixed: songs in cd are sorted in case the songs were not saved in correct order.

v3.4 (07-03-2009)
  • added: Buttons to move up and down in playlist to select music.
  • fixed: Load and Saving now works with multiple dirs and is based on the database
  • fixed: Playlist now moves better and is more user friendly.
  • fixed: Search was slow on systems with slow video kards. Now it is same as the rest of the panels.
  • fixed: Volume selection is fast again.
  • Added:: Directories can be added after each other, and then databse can be updated.
  • fixed: After Reset to defaults, Directory structure can be selected again.
  • fixed: lots of small internal fixes.

v3.0 (18-01-2009)
  • Added:: Sample music.
  • Added:: Playlist can now be viewed using the up and down arrows (Main Mode only).
  • Added:: Songs in playlist can be selected and started with (Main Mode only).
  • Added:: String Input Indicator.

v2.6 (17-12-2008)
  • Added:: FULL ARTIST/CD search.
  • Added:: FULL SONG search.
  • Added:: String Input Indicator.

v2.25 (01-06-2008)
  • Added:: Option menu.
  • Added:: Moving buttons.
  • Added:: Mouse support.
  • Added:: Touchscreen support.

alpha_v1.8.0 (29-12-2007)
  • Added:: Manual screen on website.
  • cosmo: Removed green edges.
  • cosmo: Aligned buttons and text.

alpha_v1.7.8 (26-12-2007)
  • tuned: Automatic Internet Cover Lookup now finds > 95%
  • Added:: flac support.
  • tuned: Installed codecs are assumed to be registered in the registry. This prevents the player to crash when the codec is not installed.
  • fixed: Now songs with brackets [ ] can be rated correctly.
  • cosmo: New intro screen, with timer to Browse mode.

alpha_v1.7.2 (19-12-2007)
  • Added:: Automatic Internet Cover Lookup.
  • tuned: speedup caching of missing cached covers.

alpha_v1.6.0 (10-12-2007)
  • fixed: Left Arrows always shown correctly
  • fixed: Search mode has fast and slow timer. Reacts on arrow now
  • Added:: Dynamic Loading/Caching Info panel.
  • fixed: 2 directories now also work fine.
  • fixed: Variable string length.

alpha_v1.5.2 (6-12-2007)
  • fixed: Arrows on panel to indicate directions
  • Added:: Manual.

alpha_v1.5.0 (28-11-2007)
  • fixed: Regular expression now on 1 dir default
  • fixed: prev / next in loop. (A) Start first song now.
  • Added:: CRC check to detect ini-file change.

alpha_v1.3.1 (25-11-2007)
  • fixed: Better handling of directory search
  • changed: Search of albums, now without timer, and exits on 'enter'.
  • Added:: more music support: Ape, mp3, aac, wma, ogg and wav. (see requirement section)
  • fixed: set time to minutes and seconds.
  • fixed: Panel covers are bit too high.
  • fixed: Volume should start fading after song load
  • fixed: Add possibility to scroll through ALL albums (possible with empty (S)search)
  • NOTES: Regular expressions have temporarily been removed from settings.ini file. (see todo list)

alpha_v1.2.3 (17-11-2007)
  • fixed: volume fading starts now after music load
  • fixed: Empty directory gives proper message and badly structures directories can be better handled.

alpha_v1.2.1 (11-11-2007)
  • Added:: inline key manual
  • Added:: display of searched string

alpha_v1.2 (08-11-2007)
  • Added:: Dual playlist panels

alpha_v1.1 (03-11-2007)
  • Added:: Fading between songs
  • fixed: Cpu load always zero.
  • tuned: Scrolling of playlist now on request

DirectX_engine_v2.0 (18-01-2006)
  • milestone: Smooth scrolling possible on desktop

>DirectX_engine_v1.0 (02-11-2004)
  • milestone: Tearfree scrolling possible

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